Though located in downtown Tbilisi, the school building is surrounded by a peaceful, secure, and healthy natural environment boarding a patch of wood. The whole of the neighbourhood area is known as ‘The Academic Town’ because there are many educational and scientific organizations all around. The two-storey redbrick school building with a loft and a lovely front garden, impresses the visitors by its British looks at the very first sight.

Our school is a non-for-profit organization, with the classes of 20 students, which is oriented solely on education. The elementary school stage, the headmistress’s office, the school office, the security service, the dance studio, the first aid room, and the school canteen are located on the ground floor, whereas the basic and secondary school stages, as well as the science lab, computer room, the conference room, the staff-room and the administration unit are located on the first floor.

In the loft – the favourite place of all students – there is the school library, the assembly hall, and the art studio for painting and ceramics.

The school premise meets all the needs of the schooling process. The schoolyard consists of the yard, the universal stadium for ball-games and other events, the summer pavilion used for different activities, and the playground for the juniors.

Science Lab

Our science lab is equipped with computers, modern scientific devices, and a smart board. The practical experiments and different teaching resources guarantee a better comprehension of the theoretical training. Working in the school lab is very important as it facilitates development of the students’ research skills. All the experiments performed during science classes follow the safety regulations.


The school library is rich in scientific books and fiction.  It is one of the favourite  places for the students. This multifunctional space is furnished with comfortable desks and chairs, sectional sofas, and colour floor cushions. The space is equipped with computers and Wi-Fi.

ICT classroom

ICT classrooms improve the efficiency and effectiveness of education; they guarantee a high academic level and a quality tuition process at school.

Assembly Hall
The school Assembly Hall is used for different activities, such as meetings with guest-speakers, presentations, introductions of conclusive projects to the expanded audience, etc. Once a week the Headmistress of the school and the students of the senior classes meet there to discuss some important issues concerning the high-moral personal development of the teens, and some other actual problems at school; The Assembly Hall is also the place where the school staff holds weekly seminars aimed at their  professional development.

Dance & Aerobics Studio

Mirrored Room – The Mirrored Room is one of the busiest areas in school. Here the juniors have their dance classes and the basic school student train in aerobics, yoga, and different other sporting events.
In the evenings, the same room hosts the Dance Club “Gremi”. The club members have made a significant progress and their concerts are always a great success.

Ceramics Studio
Ceramics classes are most popular among our juniors, whose fascinating works are a good proof of it. These classes not only help to develop their aesthetic views but also have a therapeutic function.

First Aid Room

The first aid room is equipped with first aid devices and supplied with necessary medical products.  The doctor ensures the solution of health problems and monitors compliance with the hygiene –sanitation standards.


The school considers students’ proper and healthy nutrition  very important.  1-5 year students have two meals a day – lunch and dinner; 6-12 year students have only dinner: soup, main course and dessert. Food is prepared locally and meets the food hygiene standards. The process is monitored by the school doctor.

Universal Stadium

Our universal stadium always hosts different activities. In addition to physical training, the stadium is used for school opening and graduation ceremonies. A big selling art exhibition with a display of school students’ works is held annually on May 6th. ‘Happy starts’, mini football tournaments where teachers participate along with their students, are very popular. Every Wednesday, in the second half of the day the school football club the Lions uses the stadium for training.


The school yard surrounded by forests is used to its full capacity. The schedule allows junior students to use the yard many times a day. Young children enjoy spending break time in the yard. Running in the premises is prohibited for the purpose of safety. Children are happy to participate in the outdoor games organized by their form teachers.  A playground with different attractions is also available. Juniors and seniors have different break times. Secondary and high school students use two long breaks for different sport activities. A security guard is always on duty during breaks.

Summer Pavilion

The summer pavilion in the yard where famous artists’ works are displayed is the place for scheduled lessons to be held in the open air. This corner is the best space for exhibitions as well as for bake-sales.

Student Council
For several years already there functions a Student Council at BGS. It is an associated student body consisting of representatives of each grade. The Council meets once a fortnight to discuss all the current issues that are of great importance for the School. It also plans different extracurricular activities. Student Council plays a very important role in the life of BGS.

Security Service
24 – hour security and  discipline  are  ensured  by  school security staff. The school building is equipped with the latest security systems (perimetrical, fire fighting, outer video control).