Headmistress - Eka Kvachantiradze, Ph.D. in History, Professor.

Prof. Eka Kvachantiradze graduated from the Tbilisi Iv. Javakhishvili State University (the History Department) and took a post-graduate course at the same University (the Department of History and Ethnology). She has 25 years of experience in working in educational system: was the Dean of the History Department at the Institute Gaenati, a Chief Research Worker at the Institute of History and Ethnology, a Full Professor and the Director of Baccalaureate and Magistracy Programmes in History at the Caucasus University, has got grants for 6 scientific projects. Prof. Kavachantiradze is the author of up to 60 scientific researches, including 4 monographies and 2 textbooks.

Cristofer Greenfield

Emeritus Headmaster – Christopher Greenfield – Ph.D. in Education.

Dr. Christopher Greenfield is an experienced head teacher in schools in the UK. He has studied at four universities including Cambridge (UK) and Michigan State (USA). His university degrees include a Doctor’s Degree from Bristol University and a Master’s degree from Michigan State University. He has served as a Headmaster of two British schools for a total of 27 years. He also supervised a school in Lebanon for four years before that. In 2010 he was elected to head the British Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) for a year. 500 boarding schools in England and around the world are members of the B.S.A.

Eka Kvachantiradze

Christopher Greenfield 

Tamuna Jafaridze

Tamriko Chkheidze

Khatia Gogilashvili

Maia Chkhartishvili

Rusudan Mamphoria 

Eka Kvachantiradze

Christopher Greenfield 

Tamuna Jafaridze

Tamriko Chkheidze

Khatia Gogilashvili

Maia Chkhartishvili

Rusudan Mamphoria 

Khatia Gogilashvili – Head of International Programs 

Davit Qaraselidze – IT Manager

Tamar Osikhmashvili – Finance Manager

Khatuna Gugunashvili – Director’s Assistant

Tinatin Zenaishvili – Psychologist 

Elene Beruashvili – Pearson Edexel 



Our highly qualified teachers and instructors on staff are united under the following departments

Rusudan Mamporia – Head of Department

Nato Mdinaradze – Teacher

Nata Bendeliani – Teacher

Tamuna Antadze – Teacher

Lika Sanikidze – Teacher

Rusudan Dolidze – Teacher

Manana Matozashvili- Teacher

Elene Mepurishvili – Teacher

Giorgi Gvasalia – Teacher

Eka Kvachantiradze – Teacher

Marika Chkhartishvili – Teacher

Rusudan Mamporia – Teacher

Ketevan Siradze – Teacher


Tamar Japaridze – Head of Department

Mariam Abashmadze – Teacher

Maria Sevakian – Teacher

Ineza labartkava – Teacher

Tamuna Jafaridze – Teacher

Nino Chikhladze – Teacher

Nino Gegelia – Teacher

Keti Citaishvili – Teacher

Marika Chxartishvili – Teacher

Maka goginashvili – Teacher

Mariam Bolqvadze – Teacher

Besik Chikvinidze – Head of Department

Irina Pataridze – Teacher

Nino BasilaShvili – Teacher

Rusudan Dolidze – Teacher

Mzia Vacheishvili – Teacher

Qetevan Gelashvili – Teacher

Mery Muskhelishvili – Teacher

Beso Chiqvinidze – Teacher

Khatuna Charqazia – Teacher

Alexandre Bregadze – Teacher

Temur Gugunishvili – Teacher

Tornike Jafaridze – Teacher

Davit Qarseladze – Teacher

Irma Qirikashvili – Head of Department

Irina Pataridze – Teacher

Nino Basilashvili – Teacher

Nino Abesadze – Teacher

Natia Arabuli- Teacher

Kete Kokaya – Teacher

Irma Qirikishvili – Teacher

Irma Javashvili – Teacher

Ekaterine Popiashvili – Teacher

Gia Qutelia – Teacher

Manuchar Guntsadze – Head of Department

Irma Makharadze – Teacher

Nino Mamaladze – Teacher

Sofo Qadagishvili – Teacher

Manuchar Guncadze – Teacher

Ani Zubiashvili – Teacher

Vakhtang Lomjaria – Teacher

  • Cotne Chanturia – Teacher;
  • Davit Qarseladze – Teacher.

Olgha Ugrekhelidze – Head of Department

Nino Tsitsishvili – Teacher

Olgha Ugrekhelidze – Teacher

Khatuna Pipia – Teacher

Ekaterine Chkadua – Teacher;

Teona Maisuradze – Teacher;

Tea Nijaradze – Teacher.

George Kokeladze – Teacher

Guranda Chichinadze – Teacher

Maia Chkhartishvili – Head of Department;

Irina Pataridze – Teacher

Nato Mdinaradze – Teacher

Nino Basilashvili – Teacher

Natalia Bendeliani – Teacher

Tamar Antadze – Teacher

Lika Sanikidze – Teacher

Manana Matozashvili – Teacher

Rusudan Dolidze – Teacher

Meri Muskhelishvili – Teacher

Mzia Vacheishvili – Teacher

Irina Pataridze; Nato Mdinaradze – Year I Generalist

Nino Basilashvili – Year II Generalist

Natalia Bendeliani – Year III Generalist

Tamar Antadze – Year IV Generalist

Lika Sanikidze – Year IV A Generalist

Manana Matozashvili – Year V A Generalist

Rusudan Dolidze – Year V Generalist;

Mery Sukhelishvili – Year VI A Generalist

Mzia Vacheishvili – Year VI Generalist

Qetevan Gelashvili – Year VII-VII A Generalist

Davit Qarseladze – Year VIII A Generalist

Guranda Chichinadze – Year VIII Generalist

Olga Ugrekhelidze –  Year IX Generalist

Maka Goginashvili – Year X Generalist