Year 4 Lesson in E. Akhvlediani House-Museum

On May 18th, Year 4 students had an open lesson of Creative Writing course in the house-museum of a famous Georgian artist Elene Akhvlediani. The director of the museum hosted our students and showed them around, while also telling them about the great artist and her works.

Our Headmistress, Eka Kvachantiradze opened the event with her introductory speech. Then the teacher Manana Begiashvili presented a couple of improvised activities (association map, epithets, pictures brought to life); students read their own miniatures and short stories.

Students also made the presentation much more impressive by providing background music with live performances. In the end, the guests thanked the museum administration for hosting them and devoted their improvised miniatures to Elene Akhvlediani and her art.